Northern Virginia Estate Planning Council.  The Northern Virginia Estate Planning Council is an interdisciplinary organization for professionals involved in estate planning. The Northern Virginia Estate Planning Council strives to foster understanding of the proper relationship between the functions of the Life Underwriter, Trust Officer, Attorney, Accountant, Planned Giving Officer for a Non-Profit, and any other party or parties having to do with estate planning, and to encourage cooperation of persons acting under those disciplines.

Northern Virginia Estate Planning Council values inclusiveness and diversity. Inclusiveness and diversity—in gender, professional designation, experience in the profession, race & ethnicity, religion, abilities, skills, traits, and other factors—are valuable to the estate planning professions in fostering cooperation, excellence, innovation, and broader social acceptance of our differences. The Northern Virginia Estate Planning Council believes all people should feel respected and included and diversity should be celebrated. We endeavor to promote inclusiveness and diversity in our recruitment, membership, leadership, speakers, vendors, sponsors, and affiliates through awareness and education. NVEPC is committed to cultivating and supporting a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Click here for more information.





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