Past Events

March 13, 2024 NVEPC Member & Prospective Member Networking Event
February 22, 2024 NVEPC Membership Meeting: What Estate Planners Need to Know About Premarital and Postmarital Agreements and Divorce
Linda Ravdin, Partner, Pasternak & Fidis
January 23, 2024 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Heckerling Update: Important Takeaways and Estate Planning Changes to Expect in 2024
Lisa Hughes, Founder, Hughes Legacy Law, PLLC
December 5, 2023 NVEPC Holiday Event
November 15, 2023 NVEPC Member & Prospective Member Networking Event
October 24, 2023 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Mineral & Oil Rights
David J. Parker, Principal and Head of Mineral and Energy Resource Management, Bessemer Trust
September 26, 2023 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Corporate Transparency Act (CTA)
Melissa Wiley, Partner, Lowenstein Sandler
June 6, 2023 Back by Popular Demand: The Annual NVEPC M&A Event: Reflections and Reckonings for 2023
Greg Hogan, SC&H Capital; Kevin Robbins, Blue Delta Capital Partners; Keven Shanahan, Argosy Private Equity; Chris Pintauro, Bessemer Trust
May 18, 2023 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Planning with Art & Collectibles, Part Deux: The Art Awakens – An Insider’s Perspective
Samira Farmer, Doyle; Elizabeth Pisano, Winston Art Group
April 26, 2023 Joint Councils Meeting: Planning with Collectibles and Other Passion Assets
Yusuf Abugideri, Jenifer Flynn, Lisa Gelles, Brooke Tansill
March 6, 2023 Webinar with WDC EPC: Highlights from the 2023 Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning
Bank of America: Mitchell Drossman, Richard James, Steven Lavner, Aaron Shamshoian
February 21, 2023 NVEPC Member & Prospective Member Networking Event
January 24, 2023 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Heckerling 2023: Recent Developments and Planning Implications for the Year Ahead, a Discussion with Beth Kaufman
Beth Kaufman
December 6, 2022 NVEPC Holiday Luncheon
November 9, 2022 NVEPC Member & Prospective Member Networking Event
October 25, 2022 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Real Estate Succession Planning
Andrew M. Feder, Principal and Head of Real Estate Advisory
September 27, 2022 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Tax Acronym Potpourri: IRAs, ISOs, NQSOs, RSUs, PTET & QSBS
Peter Elek, Director, DC Metro State & Local Tax Market Leader, Andersen; Timothy Wallace, Director, Andersen; Dennis Minich, Managing Director - Chicago, Andersen, and Amber Salotto, Managing Director - Washington DC, Andersen
June 28, 2022 NVEPC Membership Meeting: I Hereby Bequeath my Bitcoin … Practical Estate Planning for Digital Assets
James H. Cundiff, Partner, McDermott Will & Emery
June 7, 2022 NVEPC Special Event: Cutting Through the Chaos: M&A Activity in Turbulent Times
Anne Meltzer, Managing Director, Tucker & Meltzer; Greg Hogan, Managing Director, SC&H Capital; Kevin Robbins, Co-founder, Blue Delta Capital Partners; Steven Morgenthal, Managing Director, Argosy Private Equity
April 26, 2022 Annual Joint Councils Event: Navigating Mental Illness and Addiction Issues in Estate Planning and Administration
Moderator: Madelaine Kramer Katz, Esq., Rifkin Weiner Livingston, LLC. Panelists: Barbara Mardigian, LPC, Deputy Clinical Director, Virginia Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program; Elizabeth Gray, Esq, Principal, McCandlish Lillard
February 22, 2022 NVEPC Prospective Member Event*
January 25, 2022 NVEPC Membership Meeting - Economic Outlook for the Year
Joe Seydl, Senior Markets Economist, J.P. Morgan Private Bank
December 7, 2021 NVEPC Holiday Event
November 17, 2021 NVEPC - Member and Prospective Member Networking Event
October 26, 2021 NVEPC Virtual Membership Meeting: With Taxes Rising, Is It Time to Re-Consider Life Insurance?
Vernon W. Holleman, III, CLU, and Jeri L. Turley
September 28, 2021 NVEPC Virtual Membership Meeting: Pending Tax Legislation and Why You Should Care
Howard M. Zaritsky
June 22, 2021 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Surprise! Re-Defining Family in the Wild West of DNA Test Kits and Assisted Reproductive Technology
Sarah Moore Johnson, Birchstone Moore LLC
June 17, 2021 Webinar I Highlights from the 2021 Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning
Bank of America Team: Richard James, Steven Lavner, Ramsay H. Slugg
May 11, 2021 NVEPC Business Succession Bootcamp - Proactive Advice for Your Business-Owner Clients
April 20, 2021 NVEPC - Joint Councils Meeting - The Six Step Process of Estate Planning for Vacation Homes
Jeremiah W. Doyle IV, BNY Mellon Wealth Management
March 23, 2021 NVEPC Virtual Meeting - Webinar - The Future Client and Future Advisor
George Nichols III, President & CEO, The American College of Financial Services and Dien Yuen, JD, LL.M. (International Law), CAP®, AEP®
February 23, 2021 NVEPC: New Member Virtual Orientation
January 26, 2021 NVEPC Virtual Membership Meeting: 2020 Stimulus Packages, 2021 Legislative Update, and Potential Planning Opportunities
David Mohel, PwC and Andrew Prior, PwC
December 8, 2020 NVEPC Virtual Holiday Event
November 17, 2020 NVEPC Virtual Membership Meeting: Five Tips for Making Better Decisions in a Connected World
Paul A. Ferwerda, CFA I Portfolio Manager, Wilbanks Smith & Thomas Asset Management, LLC
October 27, 2020 NVEPC Virtual Membership Meeting: Blue Birds: PBS Appraiser and History Detectives Host Wes Cowan Highlights Some of His Extraordinary Treasure Finds
Wes Cowan, Hindman
October 13, 2020 NVEPC Virtual Membership Meeting: Town Hall
September 22, 2020 NVEPC Virtual Membership Meeting: Fragile U.S. and Global Economic Recovery from the Consequences of the Viral Pandemic
Stuart G. Hoffman, SVP and Senior Economic Advisor, PNC Financial Services Group
June 23, 2020 NVEPC Membership Meeting: What to Talk About with Clients Right Now: SECURE Act, CARES Act and Strategies for the Current Environment
Bryan D. Kirk, Director of Estate and Financial Planning and Trust Counsel, Fiduciary Trust; Anna Soliman, Managing Director, Trust Counsel, Fiduciary Trust; Nita Vyas, Managing Director and Trust Counsel, Fiduciary Trust
May 13, 2020 NVEPC Webinar Broadcast -Understanding Diminished Capacity and Financial Exploitation
Angela Baker, CFP, JD, CLTC, CASL, West Financial Services, Inc.
April 30, 2020 UPDATED: One-Hour Webinar - Joint Councils Meeting - The Washington Update- What Does All This Noise Mean to Me and My Clients?
Jeff Bush, The Washington Update
March 11, 2020 CANCELLED: NVEPC Webinar & Happy Hour - Charitable Giving and Tax Planning Strategies in the TCJA Era
Patrick J. Saccogna, JD, LL.M. (taxation), CPA, AEP
February 26, 2020 NVEPC New Member Luncheon
February 20, 2020 Webinar | Highlights from the 2020 Heckerling Institute for Estate Planning
John R. Goldsbury, Richard James, Steven Lavner and Ramsay H. Slugg, Bank of America Private Wealth
January 28, 2020 NVEPC Membership Meeting: What Trusts and Estates Practitioners Wish Other Professional Advisors Knew About The Ethics Rules Applicable to Lawyers
Aejaz Dar, Esq., and Paul Melnick, Esq., Yates Campbell & Hoeg
December 3, 2019 NVEPC Holiday Luncheon
November 13, 2019 NVEPC Prospective Member Happy Hour
October 22, 2019 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Finding Basis - It's Not Always Where You Thought it Was
Howard M. Zaritsky, J.D., LL.M
September 24, 2019 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Parenting from the Great Beyond: Planning for Clients with Minor Children
Sarah Moore Johnson, Founding Partner | Birchstone Moore Law
September 11, 2019 NVEPC Networking Event: Happy Hour with National Capital Chapter of Society of Financial Service Professionals
July 15, 2019 Decision in Kaestner: How Far Can States Go to Tax Discretionary Trusts?
Anna Moody, Esq. | Debevoise & Plimpton LLP
June 12, 2019 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Leaving a Lasting Legacy
Eric Weiner, PhD
May 7, 2019 Joint Councils Meeting: Making an Impact with Donor Advised Funds and International Giving
Ted Hart, ACFRE, CAP, CAF America, and Eileen Ellsworth, The Community Foundation of Northern Virginia
February 26, 2019 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Advising on Making IRA Beneficiary Designations Before Death and Taking Minimum Distributions After Death
Timothy Guare, Timothy H. Guare, PLC
February 21, 2019 Webinar | Highlights from the 2019 Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning | 2 pm
U.S.Trust: Mitchell A. Drossman, John R. Goldsbury, Richard James, Steven Lavner, Ramsay H. Slugg
January 22, 2019 NVEPC Membership Meeting: What We Don't Talk about When We Talk about Estate Planning
William Sanderson, McGuireWoods
December 4, 2018 NVEPC: Holiday Luncheon
October 23, 2018 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Helping Clients Mitigate Income Taxes: Section 199A and the Proposed Regulations
M.R. Litman, Attorney - Williams Mullen
September 25, 2018 NVEPC Membership Meeting: A Conversation about Premarital Agreements
Alvi Aggarwal, Yates Campbell & Hoeg, and Daniel Gray, Cooper Ginsberg Gray PLLC
May 22, 2018 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Important Issues in Modern Trust Design
Lawrence Macklin, Esq., CPA, AEP
April 25, 2018 Joint Councils Meeting: "Houston We Have a Problem - How to Work with Clients with Diminished Capacity"
Philip Fish, CFP®, Alvin Frederick, Esq., Dr. Carole T. Giunta and Laura Stone, Esq.
March 6, 2018 Highlights from the 2018 Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning
U.S.Trust: Mitchell A. Drossman, John R. Goldsbury, Richard James, Steven Lavner, Ramsay H. Slugg
February 13, 2018 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Estate Planning Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017
Howard Zaritsky, J.D., LL.M
December 5, 2017 NVEPC Holiday Luncheon
October 24, 2017 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Estate Planning Issues in Divorce
Stan Corey, CFP, ChFC
September 26, 2017 NVEPC Membership Meeting: How to Work with the IRS
Michael Gregory
May 23, 2017 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Planning for Privacy in a Public World: The Ethics & Mechanics of Protecting Your Client's Privacy & Personal Security | Maggiano's in Tyson's Corner | 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Kris Coleman, Founder, President, and CEO of Red Five Security; Jeff Chadwick, Associate at Wealth Preservation Practice Group
May 16, 2017 Our Clients with Assets Overseas: Are they reporting correctly to the IRS? | Tysons Corner | 8:00 - 9:30 am
Marianne Kayan | Earnst & Young LLP
April 25, 2017 Tales from the Dark Side: Drafting Issues from a Fiduciary's Perspective | Joint Council Meeting | The City Club | 5:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Benjamin H. Pruett
March 9, 2017 Highlights from the 2017 Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning
U.S.Trust: Mitchell A. Drossman, Richard James, Steven Lavner, Ramsay H. Slugg
January 24, 2017 NVEPC Membership Meeting: 2017 Global Outlook and Themes
Bill Stone, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Strategist, PNC Asset Management Group
December 6, 2016 NVEPC Holiday Luncheon
October 25, 2016 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Special Needs Trusts & Adult Guardianships
A. Mark Christopher, Partner, Yates Campbell & Hoeg LLP
September 27, 2016 NVEPC Membership Meeting: Economic Update
Pete Quinn, President & Chief Operating Officer, RiverFront Investment Group
May 24, 2016 Completing the Picture of Wealth: Managing Tangible Assets
Colleen Boyle, Senior VP-National Sales Director U.S., Pall Mall Art Advisors
April 19, 2016 Coping With Dysfunction: How We Are Trying to Navigate Through a Political Process Gone Wild
Norman Ornstein
February 4, 2016 NEW DATE: Behavioral Finance: Decision Making and Money
Joe Hart
January 26, 2016 POSTPONED: SEE DETAILS Behavioral Finance: Decision Making and Money
Joe Hart
December 8, 2015 NVEPC Holiday Luncheon
October 27, 2015 Charitable Giving Through Community Foundations
Eileen Ellsworth
September 22, 2015 NVEPC Meeting: Market & Economic Update
Don Strehle, Managing Director, Sterling Capital Management
June 5, 2015 payment opportunity for past events
Thomas M. Forrest, President of U.S. Trust of Delaware
April 23, 2015 "Changes in the Tax Law to Expect - And Not Expect" That to Expect from Congress, Treasury, and the IRS in the short term. What likely themes can be identified for the long term
Ron Aucutt, Esquire
March 31, 2015 Innovations and Insights in Behavioral Finance
Michael Liersch
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